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The Tennessee Wraith Chasers are a serious team of paranormal investigators and researchers with a light hearted southern approach and something many investigators in the paranormal field lack, PERSONALITY. TWC takes pride in honesty because they believe that is the key to establishing a great and lasting relationship between clients. Learning something new with every case, they strive to mesh each other’s various methodology and unique skill set and experiences with good old fashion common sense in order to debunk, disprove or validate each case.

Christopher Smith - Founder (The face of TWC)

chrispicChris is a Native of Gallatin TN who after experiencing his own paranormal encounter years back, became deeply curious of the apparitions known in the field as “shadow people”, dark humanoid forms or evasive spectres also known in some cultures as “wraiths” seen mostly in peripheral vision. This would later inspire Chris to apply and win a spot on SyFy’s Ghost Hunters Academy. Chris trained  under Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters. He did very well on the investigations with GHA and was given high remarks by the team leaders. He then returned home to Tennessee and founded The Tennessee Wraith Chasers. TWC takes great pride in the fact that they work together as a single unit, no front men and no egotistical BS. Each member of the team brings their own skill set and leading role to the evolution of TWC.

“The key to our knowledge is based on personal research, time in the field, and a strong Christian faith in God .” -Chris Smith

The other members of the team include:




Steven McDougal “Doogie” - Co-Founder
(The back bone of TWC)
Doogie is determined and high energy, with a comical disposition and a unique awareness for finding new and interesting locations.
  Scott Porter “Porter” - Historian
(The advocate voice of TWC)
Porter is resourceful and educated with a scholarly background in history and biblicism. Porter is also the handler for the team’s wraith tracking K9, “Bourbon”.
  Brannon Smith - Trap Inventor
(The brains of TWC)
Brannon is intelligent and analytically grounded with a background in theoretical physics and a great desire to help others.




Chasey Ray McKnight - Trap Engineer
(The muscle of TWC)
Chasey is inquisitive and wilful with a sceptical approach and a heightened  technical prowess mixed with a little helping of corn bread.

TWC takes great steps to make each and every client comfortable with the investigation process and will go to great lengths to put them at ease with whatever situation they are involved in, whether it be paranormal or explained through scientific testing and levelheaded thinking.

Team History:

TWC was founded in November of 2009 by Lead Investigator Christopher Smith assisted by friend and co-worker Joseph Tucker.  Joseph resigned from the team as equipment tech in July of 2011. Early investigators also included Justin Seegraves and Wes Ritter.  Justin and Wes have also taken other paths in life but all three remain valued friends of TWC.

In January of 2010 Steven McDougal, long time friend of Chris joined TWC as acting Case Manager. Including this position, "Doogie" also holds the responsibilities of Team Leader and ensuing Co Founder of the team due to his outstanding contributions and devotion to the evolution of TWC. Historian and researcher, Scott Porter joined the team along with Readings Manager and Trap Inventor, Brannon Smith later on that year and remain valued investigators and representatives within the organization today. Brannon is also the younger brother of Chris. In August of 2011 Sumner County native Chasey Ray McKnight joined the team as Equipment Tech and Trap Engineer. In the early months of 2012 TWC implemented a K9 to their team in order to further the research of paranormal sensitivity in animals. “Bourbon” the Old English Bulldog is a big part of the TWC family now and a valued member of the team.

The Tennessee Wraith Chasers have investigated many acclaimed paranormally active historical sites, residential properties, battlefields and many other renowned haunted locations across the U.S. As a result, the team was noticed by production company “Tremendous! Entertainment” and in January of 2012 shot a sizzle reel to later become pilot episode “Ghostland Tennessee” purchased by Discovery Network’s “Destination America.” In February of 2014 TWC began production of their 6 episode series “Ghost Asylum.” The team visited 6 insanely haunted Asylums across the Southeast with a mission to contain the energy of the trapped souls that linger inside. The series premiered in September of 2014. Although Bourbon participated in the pilot episode, the decision was made to leave him out of the Asylum series due to the extreme disarray of the buildings and harmful carcinogens present.
They continue to research and investigate paranormal claims all around the U.S. using scientific methodology along with good old fashion common sense. TWC takes pride in that they base their paranormal knowledge on methodical testing and a strong Christian faith in God.

If you are experiencing what you believe to be paranormal activity, please feel free to contact us by clicking the contact link in the menu bar. Please give us your name, location and a detailed account of the paranormal activity you are experiencing. We will get back to you in the order of which your email is received and the severity of the case. Please also understand that in this field we have yet to discover all the answers, but will try in every way possible to help in any way we can.


Events and Media


Ghost Hunters Academy: In November of 2009 Founder Chris Smith participated in Ghost Hunters Academy, the 3rd spin-off series based on Ghost Hunters that aired on the SyFy network. Chris entered the competition in episode 5 and 6. He was asked to return for the second season but turned down the offer to peruse his own paranormal endeavors and founded what is now the Tennessee Wraith Chasers.


Manifestation: In April of 2011 TWC hosted the paranormal event ”Manifestation” on location at The Old South Pittsburg Hospital in South Pittsburg TN. The team hosted two classes including “Wraith Chasing 101” taught by Brannon Smith and a full forum discussion class deliberating on evidence anyalisis and how to approach its potential. The Event also included a live Paranormal Investigation of the Hospital led by the members of TWC.


Paranormal Challenge: In June of 2011, three members of the team including Founder Chris Smith, Co-Founder Steven McDougal and Historian Scott Porter shot and competed on an episode of the American paranormal competitive reality spinoff television series, Paranormal Challenge. The Episode aired in August of 2011.


Ghostland Tennessee: In August of 2012 TWC began production of their pilot episode, “Ghostland Tennessee” which aired in February of 2013. The pilot originally aired on Animal Planet but was later picked up by Destination America, now the team’s home network.


The Paranormal Palace: In October of 2013 TWC hosted the interactive paranormal event “The Paranormal Palace” Held in Gallatin Tennessee in the historic Palace Theatre. The team hosted a lecture on paranormal theory and evidence analysis along with an open forum and an interactive paranormal experiment within the auditorium followed by a full investigation of the Palace Theatre. TWC donated a percentage of the proceeds to the Palace Theatre preservation fund.


Ghost Asylum: In February of 2014 TWC began production of their 6 episode series “Ghost Asylum.” The team visited 6 insanely haunted Asylums across the Southeast with a mission to contain the energy of the trapped souls that linger inside. The series premiered in September of 2014.

Mission Statement

Respect, Detect, Collect.
Respect the environment you are investigating, the clients connected to the environment and the possible entities inhabiting the environment. Detect all paranormal activity, all possible natural explinations and suggestive influences connected to the client. Collect Evidence and intel to ultimately validate or debunk  supernatural claims and seek out the truth behind paranormal activity in its many forms.


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