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CHASEY | Trap Engineer


Chasey Ray McKnight was born in Gallatin TN and raised in Castalian Springs, an area rich in historical sites. He has served as a volunteer firefighter, county EMA operative, and an EMS first responder.


Living in Sumner County, Chasey Ray has seen a lot. Brought up by his mother and Father as a General Baptist, Chasey was Intrigued by an experience that he witnessed with his ill mother several years ago. Curiosity fuelled from his experience caused him to fall into the paranormal field.


Chasey Ray is often the “go to” person for building new and experimental pieces of equipment used in investigations. With a thick southern twang he is often labelled as a hillbilly but is extremely tech savvy and very knowledgeable in many fields including relative physics and applied science.


The new experiences he encounters while investigating will be the drive that keeps him going. Chasey Ray takes a very sceptical approach but is curious to find answers of is his own mortality, what truly waits for us at the end.


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BRANNON | Trap Inventor


Raised in Gallatin Tennessee, Brannon is the younger brother of Chris and an aspiring physicist. Like Chris, Brannon was raised in a strict missionary Baptist upbringing and a sceptic of the paranormal.


Brannon is a physics and engineering major currently attending college. He plans to eventually earn a master's degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in theoretical physics.  He wishes to apply what he learns in physics and engineering to the paranormal investigations of TWC. He has a desire to explain hauntings as scientific phenomena that can be explained by theoretical physics, and is intrigued by the Stone Tape Theory.

Being an extremely analytical thinker, he tries to explore every explanation possible before he will label a location paranormal. He doesn't believe that a person's soul will stay behind on earth after death, but that angels and demons roam the earth unseen.  Brannon likes facing possible entities head-on to provoke a response.


His true desire in paranormal investigation is to find logical explanations for paranormal activity.  Brannon implements his logic and knowledge in scientific fact to disprove supernatural phenomenon and never jumps to conclusions.


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