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HAUNTED AUGLAIZE VILLAGE, 12296 Krouse Rd, Defiance, OH 43512

The Underground Paranormal Network is now opening up both public and private paranormal tours at the AMAZING historical

Auglaize Village museum in Defiance, OH! ONE or TWO DAY(s) COMPLETE ACCESS GHOST HUNT 11 Buildings, 1 Property. First ever public ghost hunting event there. Original, historic 100+ year-old buildings.

This collection of historic buildings on this property give you a sense of how life was like in the late-19th and early-20th century during the day. At night, the feeling is very different. People have reported strange things in the Village.. maybe it's the young girl who was killed on site in an accident at the gun range on property. Maybe it's the 1800-year-old Native American girl whose skeletal remains were found along the creek on the property... Or maybe the energy from the war museum housed in the old prisoner-of-war barracks from WW1. What kind of energy remains from the historic buildings as well?

Are you brave enough to find out?

Current Celebrity Line-Up! Brandy Miller ~Psychic Medium, Travel Channel, Haunted Case Files, Paranormal Caught on Camera Image may contain: Brandy Marie, closeup Doogie McDougal ~Travel Channel, Tennessee Wraith Chasers, Haunted Towns, Haunted Live, Ghost Asylum Image may contain: 1 person, standing and beard

Tim Woolworth ~ITC Researcher & Specialist, Lecturer, Investigator

Chris Houston ~Radio Host, Marketer, Investigator, Educator, Theorist Image may contain: 1 person

Jason Emerick ~Medium, Scrying Mirror Maker

Alan Whitmore ~Owner and developer, Paratronics Professional Ghost Hunting Equipment

Todd Bonner/Jeff Adkins ~Detroit Paranormal Expeditions, Travel Channel, Haunted Case Files Image may contain: outdoor

Mike Ring/Angel Ring ~Vice Presidents UGPN, Co-founders Creepy Cincinnati Paraforensics, investigators Image may contain: 1 person, text

Nora Custar Miller ~Paranormal Investigator, Reiki Master, Crystal & Energy Healer